Getting Inspiration for your New Website

The process of designing a website has many stages that will involve both the designer/ programmer and the client. Before any of the technical specifications are drafted up or any concepts are designed, you will need to have plenty of ideas about what you want the website to be. This should include its look, feel, usability, functionality and many other things that will depend on who you are and what your website is for.

In order to get inspiration for your site, you will need to give yourself plenty of time. The process isn’t something that can be rushed and you should have your own ideas before you approach a designer. Try looking at competitors’ sites to see what they have done. This is a really good way to work out what you like but also what you don’t. Next, you can start drafting up your own ideas. Think of colours, themes and concepts you like but don’t worry about the detail too much as this is where your designer will be able to help you.